Home Security

 We are passionate about protecting the things which are valuable to our  customers: their family, their properties and their possessions. We can  help householders feel secure about their home or just know what’s going  on when they are away. We are confident that you will find it useful to  invest in our products which include fire alarms, burglar alarms,  single camera setups, etc. In these dangerous times, it is essential for  us to be vigilant about ourselves as well as our family. 

Small Businesses

Small businesses are especially vulnerable as they have limited  resources to pursue and prosecute criminal activities after they occur.  This is why an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Having  thieves and other miscreants on tape will be valuable evidence and will  also deter would-be criminals from making an attempt on your business.  We welcome all manner of businesses including jewellery shops,  restaurants, shopping complexes and other small businesses. 

Corporate Security

 Running a large corporate structure is a task that requires constant  surveillance. We believe that corporations can benefit from our larger  setups which include CCTV cameras within buildings, parking lots,  production sites, building sites as well as offices. Our IP cameras are  also much sort after as they allow managers to view their business  operations from anywhere in the globe through the internet. We provide  excellent maintenance and follow-up services through our highly trained  staff and service managers.